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Dr. One
Dr. One

Richard “Richie” Herbst is an austrian sound activist and based in Graz, often credited simply as Herbst. He uses Analog Modular Synthesizer and Effects. Beside his solo performances, Herbst is part of the FS Massaker Trio and the Regolith band. He was involved in collaborations with ZS, Patrick Wurzwallner, Tumido, Armin Steiner (of Thilges3), Didi Neidhart (as The Pooka Boys), Robert Lepenik, Franz Gurt, Markus Decker, and he is part of the GIS Orchester.
Herbst is cofounder of the label Interstellar Records. Since 2003 he is running the radio show „Final Transmission Radio Show“ on austrian community Radio Fro / Linz and Radio Helsinki / Graz. Contribute articles and reviews for the „Freistil Magazin“.
Richie Herbst is part of the


Saturday, 22 Oct

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