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Sweet and sexy - this is Mitzi-Blue chocolate developed especially for this campaign, lactose- and gluten-free and, of course, 100% vegan. Zotter's unique vegan coconut chocolate is topped with soya-raspberry titties, candied ginger and a small dark 70% chocolate disc. All ingredients are organic and fair-trade - even the wrapping is 100% compostable.

The sexy vegan initiative is not just about healthy and climate-friendly vegan nutrition, but also "Sweet Crowdfunding". One Euro from each chocolate sold contributes to the prize money for the annual Elevate Awards.

The chocolate is available in shops and restaurants in Graz as well as online:



More information about the campaign:

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At present, the chocolate is distributed primarily
in vegan restaurants and in shops with a focus on sustainability.
You want to distribute Sexy Vegans in your store or shop?
Please contact us:

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