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Veit Winkler
Veit Winkler

Veit Winkler is a member of the administrative board of the Cultural Commons Collecting Society SCE mit beschränkter Haftung (C3S SCE) - a european co-operative that aims to become a new and modern collecting society for music. The idea is to take into account how music is being consumed in a modern, digitized world and to use technology to implement solutions for a fair distribution of commons, especially to less known artists.

The C3S implemented a free, open-source software, targeting the topic "micro-payment for music". This lead to a platform based on this software "Adore my music", that offers registration of musical pieces, tracking performance and distributing micro-payments.

After high school graduation in munich, Veit Winkler worked as a freelance multimedia producer (sound design and functional music). After spending one year in Berlin, he moved to Graz, Austria to study Electrical Engineering / Audio Engineering at technical university and university of arts. Today he runs a small business, offering consulting and support for digital content and computer systems mostly for artists. 

He also produces electronic music on a semi-professional level and occasionally performs as a DJ. []


Friday, 21 Oct

Fair Trade Music

15:00 - 16:30

Forum Stadtpark

Veit Winkler (de)

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