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Mount Kimbie
Mount Kimbie

(Bio nur in Englisch verfügbar) 

The first evidence of the impact Mount Kimbie would have came with the Maybes EP, released on then-dubstep label Hotflush in 2009. The title track was a dazzling statement of intent, melancholic garage of sorts. It was swiftly followed by the more colourful Sketch On Glass EP.  Within the space of a few months Campos and Maker found themselves at the forefront of a new wave of bedroom producers radically re-interpreting the dubstep template. Today the band has a widening focus. Where the soundworld of Crooks & Lovers was largely electronic  (some might still remember the cover image, not be the only element of this record showing its ties to London), with fragmented guitar and vocal lines hinting at a human touch, their new material sees the duo embracing live instrumentation alongside a reinvigorated enthusiasm for electronics.


Freitag, 21 Okt

01:00 - 02:15 - live

Dom Im Berg

Mount Kimbie (uk)
Warp Records

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