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All information for a safe festival visit

In order to make the visit of Elevate Festival as intensive, but also as safe as possible, we have developed a guideline for dealing with COVID-19.

If you have any symptoms of the coronaviurs we ask you and to take a COVID-19 test before visiting the festival, regardless of your vaccination status.

You can find an overview of the free test offer in Graz here:­



Our audience is required to provide proof of a so-called "low epidemiological risk" at all venues and events. As proof of this, the 3G rule (tested, vaccinated or recovered) applies at all venues, with the exception of the Orpheum, Kombüse and Parkhouse venues, where 2G applies (vaccinated or negative PCR test result).

Please have the required documents ready for presentation in the entrance area of the venues, otherwise we cannot grant you access to the events.

In order to enable the authorities a fast contact tracing in case of infection, all visits at the Elevate Festival will be registered (name, first name, phone number, email address if applicable).

3G and 2G Regulations

A 3G verification will be checked at all venues,

At Orpheum, as well as the Parkhouse and the Kombüse you will need a 2G verification.

At the open air events at Lendplatz and Volksgarten, drinks will only be served after proof of 3G.


means of verification

To meet the 3G (tested, recovered, vaccinated) rule, one of the following verifications is needed:

Proof of a negative test result for the duration of the events by:

- Antigen self-test, not older than 24 hours, recorded in an official data processing system (controlled self-test in a test lane or so-called living room test)

- antigen test by authorized body, which is not older than 48 hours

- PCR test by authorized body, which is not older than 72 hours 

A proof of recovery in the last 180 days by means of a medical certificate

A proof of vaccination is valid in case of:

- a first vaccination from the 22nd day of this vaccination, which may not be more than 90 days ago

- a second vaccination, where the first vaccination must not be more than 270 days ago

proof of antibodies, which must not be older than 90 days

To meet the 2G rule (PCR tested or vaccinated) one of the following proofs is needed:

Proof of a negative test result for the duration of the events by:

- PCR test by authorized body that is not older than 72 hours. 

A proof of vaccination is valid in case of:

- a first vaccination from the 22nd day of this vaccination, which may not be longer than 90 days ago

- a second vaccination, in which case the first vaccination must not have been given more than 270 days previously

- vaccination starting on the 22nd day after vaccination for vaccines for which only one vaccination is scheduled, which may not have been given more than 270 days previously, or

- Vaccination, if not longer than 270 days ago and if 21 days before vaccination positive PCR- test or before vaccination detection of neutralizing antibodies was available.

If symptoms of an covid-19 infection occur, you are asked to refrain from attending events out of consideration for other guests. If you develop sudden symptoms of illness during an event, please contact Elevate staff immediately: no-covid(at)



To enable the authorities to quickly contact tracing in case of infection, all visits to the Elevate Festival are registered.

Name, first name, telephone number and, if applicable, e-mail address must be registered and will only be passed on to the health authorities for the purpose of contacting in connection with Covid-19, otherwise they will be deleted after 28 days.


Which Regulation applies at which Venue?

3G + Registration:

Next Liberty, Dom im Berg, Grazer Dom, Studiobühne Grazer Oper, Lendplatz, Volksgarten, Rechbauerkino, Lesliehof.
Parkhouse in case of outdoor events


2G + registration:

Orpheum throughout
Kombüse and Parkhouse in case of indoor events


Elevate Festival APP

Download Android APP as APK File here.

To avoid long lines at the designated registration locations, we ask for independent registration via the Elevate app. The proof of a successful registration need to be presented at the check points.

There are QR codes for each venue on site. This QR code can be scanned with the Elevate app or another QR code scanner and will then redirect to the registration form for the respective location on the Elevate website. After entering the data, the check-in can be made for the location and is then valid. A check-out is also possible, but not mandatory.

Of course, for those who do not want to use the smartphone, there is also a list to enter the data at all locations.

Even if a valid ticket is already available, a registration must still be made on site.


Who can I contact if I have questions or suggestions about Elevate's Covid 19 management?

If you have any questions, please contact us directly at This email address is consistently maintained by one of our Covid-19 officers.


Are Elevate employees also regularly tested for Covid-19?

Yes, the same rules apply to us: our staff is only with a valid 3G or 2G verification on duty!


What should I do if I was at Elevate and then tested positive for Covid-19?

In the event of a positive Covid 19 test result, you will be contacted by the Health Department. However we would request that you also notify Elevate (no-covid(at)


Where can I get information about the current Covid 19 situation in Graz or Styria?

Information about the current measures in Styria can be found here: Corona Traffic Light Styria (only available in German).


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