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The 2016 musical lineup will be the premiere installment of Elevate's We Are Europe collaboration. Partner festivals Nuits Sonores from Lyon, c/o pop from Cologne and Resonate from Belgrade will all be in Graz for the very first time. Working closely with the Elevate music team, they have put together a bold and confident mix of advanced club culture, live concerts, DJs and video screenings. 4 nights of experiments and hedonism among local and international artists.

Thursday, 20 Oct

Dom Im Berg - presented by Noisey
We Are Europe by c/o pop

22:00 - 06:00

Saul Williams live (Fader Label/us)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith live (Western Vinyl/us)

Weval live (Kompakt/nl)

Koenig live (at)

Attila (Atropa/at)

Visuals: handmitauge (at)

Friday, 21. Oct

Kunsthaus Needle - hosted by Red Bull Music Academy

18:00 - 20:00

Max Brand Synthesizer Workshop (Mit Elisabeth Schimana und Gregor Ladenhauf/at)

Friday, 21 Oct

Dom Im Berg - Radio FM4 Stage
We Are Europe by Resonate Live

22:00 - 07:00

Mount Kimbie live (Warp Records/uk)

Lone live (R&S Records/uk)

Luke Vibert (Planet Mu, Ninja Tune/uk)

Cid Rim live (LuckyMe, Affine Records/at)

Kompost 3 live (at)

P.o.S. (Svetlana Industries/rs)

Tunnel - presented by Absolut Makava
We Are Europe by c/o pop

23:00 - 07:00

Lena Willikens (Cómeme/de)

Rebolledo (Hippie Dance, Cómeme/mx)

Barnt (Magazine, Hinge Finger/de)

Heap (Discus Throwers, Neubau/at)

Parkhouse - afterhour

06:00 - 12:00

Madteo (WANIA, M.A.D.T.E.O. RECORDS, Sähkö/it)

Saturday, 22 Oct

Dom Im Berg - Red Bull Music Academy Stage
We Are Europe by Nuits Sonores

22:00 - 07:00

DVS1 (Hush, Klockworks/us)

FunkinEven (Apron Records, Eglo Records/uk)

Zombie Zombie live (Versatile Records/fr)

In Aeternam Vale live (Dement3d Records/fr)

Fauna (Bliss/at)

Tunnel - presented by Absolut Makava
We Are Europe by Resonate Live

22:00 - 07:00

Clap! Clap! live (Black Acre/it)

DJ PayPal (Teklife, Brainfeeder/us)

DJ Earl (Teklife, Footwork Frenzy/us) w/ footwork dancers Sirr Tmo & Dre

Regis (Mystic Stylez/rs)

Franjazzco (Footwork Frenzy, disko404/at)

Antonia (Canyoudigit, In Dada Social/at)

Dungeon - hosted by The Quietus

22:00 - 05:00

JK Flesh live (Downwards, Electric Deluxe/uk)

Elisabeth Schimana "Höllenmaschine" live (chmafu nocords/at) w/ Manon Liu Winter, Gregor Ladenhauf

Jan Nemeček live (Norbu/rs)

Asfast live (Ventil/at)

DJ Marcelle (Klangbad/nl)

Dr. One (

Ginko Greenhouse - Music Brunch

12:00 - 22:00

Apua (Kopf bei Fuss/at)

Awo Ojiji (disko404, Sub FM/at)

Goldberg (Hedonismus Hacienda, Atropa/at)

Moogle (Bebop Rodeo/at)

Puschmann (Hausboot/at)

Tornquist (Schwarzes Herz/at)

Parkhouse - afterhour mit Deko & Schminke von Funkensprüherei

06:00 - 12:00

FriendlyGalaxy (just, Tanz durch den Tag/at) Neubaukind (just, Tanz durch den Tag/at)

Sunday, 23 Oct

We Are Europe by Nuits Sonores

20:00 - 00:00

Swans live (Young Gods Records/us)

Anna von Hausswolff live (City Slang/se)

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