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Music for Elevators

Dorian Concept


The permanent sound installation "Music for Elevators" was created in 2020 together with the Finnish artist Jimi Tenor. The concept behind the "Music for Elevators" project is to transform the ride on the Schlossberg lift in Graz into a sound journey with a specially interpreted version of lift music. Since 2020, Jimi Tenor, Brian Eno and Caterina Barbieri have collaborated on the project.

The sound installation "Music for Elevators" - now a tradition at Elevate - will once again make the Schlossberg lift resound this year. This year, the Viennese musician and long-time companion of the festival Dorian Concept will create the fourth installation in total. After the festival, the elevator music will continue to make the journey in the Schlossbergstollen a special experience for the rest of the year.

Dorian Concept (AT) - "Music for Elevators"
Sound Installation

Duration: 29.02.2024 - 06.03.2025

Part of "New Perspectives for Action" A project by Re-Imagine Europe, a collaboration between Paradiso and Sonic Acts (NL), Elevate Festival (AT), A4 (SK), INA GRM (FR), Borealis (NO), KONTEJNER (HR), RUPERT (LT), Semibreve (PT), Parco d'Arte Vivente (IT), Disruption Network Lab (DE), BEK (NO), Kontrapunkt (MK) and Radio Web MACBA (ES). Co-funded by the European Union. In Cooperation with "Universalmuseum Joanneum – Institut für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark" and "Holding Graz".