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Any Maniac is a young musician from Graz, who already started to work on music in the tender age of 9. Lessons on the keyboard started to get him into music and in 1993 he even signed on for some guitar lessons. He got into electronic music in 1996 and fell in love with it after his brother got his first computer. “Screamtracker” – one of the pioneer tracker software on the PC was one of the top-notch developments for Any Maniac at that time. Jungle Mania compilations were also constantly on the decks in his livingroom. His first own PC in 1999 really started things off for him: music from hiphop to d&b and jungle, as well as breakcore. Most of the stuff in his new liveset was created in the past two years – heavily influenced by the Widerstand parties in Graz – Knifehandchop, Amon Tobin, Sickboy and Istari Lasterfahrer – to just name a few.

Any Maniac will release a split 12inch on Widerstand Records (Widerstand 12) in 2006 and has proven to rock at parties in Graz. Watch Out!