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Modeselektor have released several records on Ellen Allien’s label Bpich Control. Their philosophy in centered around distortion and recycling. Relentless buil-ders, they take sounds based on slightly accelerated Hip-Hop beats, working them into hundreds of fragments of “sound dust” that are created,compacted, and pulverized.

In Graz they will present their new album "Hello Mom".




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The name Attwenger comes from an old four-lined stanza, that was played in regional broadcast and later appropriated by Markus Binder and Hans-Peter Falkner. Since 1991, "Attwenger" is a project in constant flux. Markus Binder plays drums, Hans-Peter Falkner the accordian (electric squeeze-box). Both sing and use contemporary electronics in their music. Attwenger is considered one of the most... [more]


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the viennese producer and dj trio - buzz, the bionic kid & zuzee -  has expanded the borders of hiphop on the map and dared trips to new musical territories without loosing the matter of course and spontanity in its style of production. this style, combined with live elements, sample related hiphop production and turntablism - gives the project its own very special flavour. 3 very different... [more]

MC Beardyman

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Multi-instrumentalist and mutli-vocalist / beatboxer BEARDYMAN was recently made London Champion and National runner-up in the UK Beatboxing championships.

Regularly performing as part of 'the Gobfathers', 'My Plan B', 'Abstractivity' and as a solo performer, he can be seen around Brighton pretty much everywhere you go.

As part of the Gobfathers he has presented 'the Freestyle show' on 'get... [more]

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nbsp;dälek pronounced dialect are: dälek - mc, produceroktopus - producerstill - turntablist dälek is a band that's been around the world more times than most, playing shows and expanding minds since 1997. Quiet for almost a full year after constant DIY touring with such bands as Mike Patton's Tomahawk, ISIS, KRS-One, De La Soul, The Melvins, Grandmaster Flash, and fresh off of a landmark... [more]

Ellen Allien

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Ellen Allien, hyperactive dj, producer and label founder of Bpitch Control, never stays still. Her creativity is channeled through the creation of her own system: The label Bpitch Control works with a steady experimental character for Ellen Allien herself as well as the label artists that surround her. The development of Ellen Allien is largely defined by one circumstance - the engagement with... [more]

Psycho Path

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Psycho-Path eine sehr spezielle Band entwickelt: kein Durchschnittsbrei, den man einmal hört, um ihn gleich wieder zu vergessen, sondern eine eigenständige Rockcombo, die mit «Désinvoltura» ihr viertes (und aktuelles) Album beim Label More Noise, Less Music veröffentlicht haben.Wenige Bands gehen ihren Weg so unbeirrt und zielsicher wie Psycho-Path, die sich vor zehn Jahren in Murska Sobota /... [more]

The Scarabaeusdream

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Noch immer warten wir auf mehr: Aufs Ende des Herbstes, Klassik und Moderne in Zerstörung und Geburt aufeinander geprallt, schwarzer Regen im glühenden Rot erleuchtet vom Glanz des Untergangs und Hoffnung: Neuer Aufgang; Durchgedreht: Alle Atemzüge gleich zu demselben Puls – ein getapter Herzschlag in einer Endlosschleife um am Leben zu bleiben, und das alles nur um es irgendwann zu ändern?... [more]

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Quote: "A JOURNEY INTO THE LAND OF MELANCHOLY" The Clockwork-quartet are working on their debut album, which should bepublished in autumn 2005.

A new challenge is awaiting Clockwork Orange who are currently recordingtheir debut album. After "anodyne" and their single "enjoy the pain"anticipation is high as to how Clockwork Orange will manage to harmonizetheir diverse sound of melancholy and... [more]


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 Members:> Dennis Lyxzén - Vocals / Tambourine> Inge Johansson - Bass / Vocals> Lars Strömberg - Guitar / Vocals> Ludwig Dahlberg - Drums

Former member:> Sara Almgren - Organ / Guitar

The (International) Noise Conspiracy and Burning Heart Records in associaton with American Recordings present their new album, Armed Love, to be released on July 13th in Europe, and later in the rest of the... [more]

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