// Schlossberg venues

The Schlossberg offers many exciting venues to use. We took all of them:


The Kasemattenbühne is an open-air stage on the plateau of the Schlossberg, set among the few ruins of the fort built in 1809. Originally, Kasematten were storage cellars but were also used as prisons; they were located below the main house used by the Burghauptmänner. Since its reconstruction in 1937, the site has been used as an open-air stage by the Vereinigte Bühnen Graz, hired privately or by associations for all kinds of events. In the past, these have been concerts, opera, athletics competitions or product presentations.


Dom im Berg

The Schlossberg possesses a huge room inside the rocks as of recently. In the past, this was only frequented by a small mining train. A slight spookiness remains in this cavity inside the mountain.

The Dom im Berg venue is one of the most impressive venues, because it combines modern technology and the creepy cave-style of James Bond enemy's headquarter. The entrance is a tunnel through the hill, which was also build recently. A more comfortable way is to enter through the elevator inside of the mountain.



Located right underneath the Clocktower (Uhrturm), the Uhrturmkasematte is a small cave and a very impressive venue. The floor is dirty and rocky and the walls remind you of a medieval prison. The entrance can be through the elevator inside of the mountain, which has an extra stop at the Uhrturmkasematte, or through steps down right next to the clocktower.



Summer at the "Kasematten" in the Stallbastei is today characterized by the fine arts; this contrasts greatly with the basement of this building's former role as a prison. During the Counter Reformation, opponents of the faith were confined to this 20-metre building on the Schlossberg. During the reign of Maria Theresia, political adversaries were kept here along with aristocrats who had committed serious offences; adultery, murder or high treason were not absent even in those circles. From the mid-18th century onwards, the Bastei became a prison for "ordinary" dangerous criminals.



The Schlossbergrestaurant is a famous and likeable meetingpoint on the Schlossberg. Located at almost the top of the mountain, it offers a beautiful view on the city, dinner at the terrace and a concert stage inside. It is also the final stop of the Schlossbergbahn, which is a train going up the mountain.


Cafe Aiola

the location: impressive

the view: breathtaking

the situation: open

the surroundings: a sea of flowers and plants

can be reached, via lift, in two minutes from schlossbergplatz