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Bloody Cartoons
Please Vote Foe Me!

In October 2007, ten one-hour films focused on contemporary democracy will be broadcast in the world's biggest factual media event. Currently twenty-five broadcasters on all continents are participating, with an estimated audience of a minimum 150 million viewers.

The films are being made by independent award-winning filmmakers from different countries around the world, including China, India, Japan, Liberia, USA, Bolivia, Denmark, and Russia.

In addition, ten short films, dealing with personal, political and rights issues will be produced under the theme 'What does democracy mean to me?'


The Elevate Festival presents four selected documentary films:


>> Thu. 25.10.2007 >> Spektral >> 20:15

Demokratie in Uniform(Dinner With The President) (D/F/2007)


>> Fr. 26.10.2007 >> Dom Im Berg >> 15:00

"Bloody Cartoons" (DK / 2007)  + Regisseur Karsten Kjaer (DK) vor Ort!


>> Fr. 26.10.2007 >> Spektral >> 20:15

Wählt mich!(Please Vote For Me) (F/2007)


>> Sa. 27.10.2007 >> Spektral >> 20:15

Taxi zur Hölle (Taxi To The Dark Side) (USA/2007)


*ALL events will be FREE OF CHARGE!


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