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Rafael SMP

Rafael SMP

I have been asked to talk about 15 May. This is not the first time. During last year, people from different parts of the world were pretty interested in knowing how things are going here. But… what the hell is happening here? Well, people are moving, and people are taking positions in common things. We are worried, that's for sure, about the national-capitalist dictatorship, and about life here, in “PIGS' land”; it is pretty hard, but we are not depressed, as media usually says… We even feel quite fortunate that this situation of a break has come about, although life here is no easy. It was brought about by the people rising up, and that is really a new wealth for us. We have recovered our bodies, our lives, we are (even now) learning again to stand together. More simply: we can say the word "togetherness" in a real empowered sense. People are ready to fight, and we are giving ourselves what we previously demanded from the politicians, and they didn’t gave us; while they say they represent us, they do not, they represent only the interests of the market. So we no longer delegate policy to others. Neither to the professionals of politics, nor to experts. Not only are we resisting economic terrorism, we are creating common ways of life. This is what we are doing. In the middle of the catastrophe, something nice is growing. So, what do you want to work towards? But what do “You” and “We” mean here?. I am Rafael. I live in Madrid. I can’t represent M15. M15 represents itself. But I’ll be glad to talk with you and I’ll try to explain how beautiful this catastrophe is.


Saturday, 27 Oct


19:00 - 21:00

Forum Stadtpark

Madrid M15 (es)