Elevate Mediachannel XMAS Present

This is a proper christmas present brought to you by the Elevate Mediachannel Team: Maximum Outreach / Total Control? - a discussion with Jacob Appelbaum and Christian Payne, recorded during the Elevate Festival 2012.[more]

Forum Keller/Parkhouse/Kombüse – Elevate the Park!

The second night will see a block party-style triangle across the city centre. The same city centre that has experienced bans and restrictions against anything that fails to conform to consumerist boredom.[more]

The Utopia of Disappearance - hoergeREDE starts!

Tonight "hoergeREDE 12" - the special cooperation between the Elevate-Festival and the Minoriten cultural center - will premiere the first text.sound.pieces especially created for this years festival. Political literature meets avantgarde-jazz, experimental poetry meets soundart, lyric and prose meet distorted guitars, electronics and bass.[more]

Elevate Q&A with Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

The Elevate Festival asks its guests to comment on this years' topic as well as the multiple converging crisis. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed will talk about "Great Transformations" on Thursday at the Festival.[more]


The term „Interpenetration“, represents the fundamental concept of unimpeded collective penetration and an anarchic system of coexistence as a result. The event series “Interpenetration” can be seen as a test run for said system as it presents extraordinary experimental music, refreshing performances, curated improv evenings, interactive digital art and to top it off, an anti-capitalistic way of thinking and working.[more]

Elevate Q&A mit Paul Friedrich

Das Elevate Festival stellt seinen Gästen heuer DIE Frage zum Festivaltitel: Brauchen wir die große Katastrophe um uns Weiterzuentwickeln? Auch die multiple Krise ist eine von drei Fragen, die allen Gästen des Festivals gestellt wurden. Einige der Antworten werden hier im Elevate Magazin veröffentlicht.[more]