The Utopia of Disappearance - hoergeREDE starts!


Tonight "hoergeREDE 12" - the special cooperation between the Elevate-Festival and the Minoriten cultural center - will premiere the first text.sound.pieces especially created for this years festival. Political literature meets avantgarde-jazz, experimental poetry meets soundart, lyric and prose meet distorted guitars, electronics and bass.

In the following days critical minds of contemporary literature like Kathrin Röggla, Robert Menasse, Bodo Hell or Barbi Markovic will converge with fabulously poetic experts and progressive avantgardists.

Together with musical formations like the ensemble EIS, the jazz avantgardists Polwechsel or the sound artists Ritornell they will debate, once poetically playful, once politically explosive, on the role of abstract art in concrete times of crises.
As leitmotiv  this year the term of "disappearance", the self-dissolving, new formatting and the winning back of order, form and outline under the impression of increasingly fatal environmental disasters, sorely needed global changes and the final signals of the collapsing economy serves the program.

The mental image of apocalypse, the idea of the complete disappearance of man, world and reality has never before spread as widely as in 2012 - it is mirrored in the common cultural matrix of the crises, sparks global protest movements and serves as symbol for the feeling of being completely at the mercy of currently dominant deficiencies.

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