Ina Zwerger
Ina Zwerger

Ina Zwerger

Working for the public service radio station Ö1 since 1990, Ina Zwerger has produced numerous features, reportages and bulletins - especially on research and scientific topics. In 2000 she accepted a position as the producer of the Ö1 serial program "Matrix - Computer und neue Medien". Additionally, she planned and supervised the program "Ohne Barrieren", which focused on new concepts on how to live with a disability (2003). Between 2004 and 2006 she was the curatorial advisor of the Ars Electronica festival and curated the Ars Electronica Symposium "Goodbye Privacy" in 2007. For the last five years Zwerger has been the executive producer of the educational serial program "Ö1 Kinderuni" and managing director of the editorial department "Ö1-Radiokolleg".


Sunday, 28 Oct

Dialogforum: Fear?

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