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The International Elevate Award is a commendation for people and their projects, who are actively working for social, ecological and/or economical justice and the improvement of the life circumstances of people and mother nature.

Characterized by innovation and an orientation on the environmental and cultural commons of our planet, this positive award should be a recognition of initiatives, which can present an effectful output. Since this award carries "Elevate" in its name, it should only be given to projects, which have not yet received comparable other international recognitions or decorations.

The International Elevate Award should celebrate and combine human creativity and critical thinking - elevate, support and deliver just that extra little bit of attention: To those, who tirelessly work in the field of commons-oriented activism for the common good; To set an example that it is well worth to get engaged.

An international Jury Community voted for the winning project in an online voting session. The winning project was invited to receive the award at the awards ceremony on October 26th 2014 in Graz.

In 2012 REFDAF from Senegal won. In 2013 the jury voted for the Refugee Protest Camp Vienna.

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