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Special Guest: Sarah Harrison

Elevate announces discourse programme!

At long last, Elevate's 2016 programme is released in its entirety!

After announcing the musical lineup over the summer, we now follow up with the discourse  portion. In reaction to the ongoing crisis that has befallen the EU and our participation in the We Are Europe initiative, this year’s discourse and film programme will set its focus on European topics. Friday through Sunday, we have panel discussions and workshops in place to tackle subjects like concepts of democracy, technology in an art context, data politics, media and engagement – all within a European context.

Confirmed guests include the award-winning journalist and leading Wikileaks associate Sarah Harrison, Croatian philosopher, author and DiEM25 co-founder Srecko Horvath, French film maker Hind Meddeb as well as the professor of European sociopolitical studies at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, Brigit Mahnkopf. We are pleased to include locally acclaimed journalists such as Ingrid Brodning, Hanna Herbst as well as author and politician Michel Reimon among our featured guests.

Sarah Harrison (UK) Saul Williams (US) Srecko Horvath (HR) Hind Meddeb (FR) Birgit Mahnkopf (DE) Michel Reimon (AT) Adrienne Goehler (DE) Hind Touissate (FR) Farid Eslam (DE) Andreas Peham (AT) Rosa Menkman (NL) Jeremy Bailey (CA) Ingrid Brodnig (AT) Katharina Nocun (DE) Friedrich Moser (AT) Sandra Passaro (DE) Dimitar Dimitrov (BG) Carly Sheridan (CA) Fabrice Starzinskas (FR) Nora O' Murchú (IR) Peter Harris (US) Ksenia Ermoshina (RU) Nora Hofstetter (DE) Thomas Burkhalter (CH) Tamara Ehs (AT) Philippe Narval (AT) Hanna Herbst (AT) Arnaud Contreras (FR) Pia Lamberty (DE) Bianca Ludewig (DE) Thomas Lohninger (AT) Katja Mayer (AT) Ralph H. Christoph (DE) Shilla Strelka (AT) Manuel Grebenjak (AT) Hannah Knust (AT) Claudia Garad (AT) Hans Christian Voigt (AT) Michael Wrentschur (AT) Veit Winkler (AT) Rainer Praschak (AT)

Author and DiEM25 co-founder Srecko Horvath will be at the Elevate Festival this year.

For more information please visit the discourse line-up here.

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