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Harald Fidler

Harald Fidler works as a journalist and publicist. He began his career in 1987 as a freelancer for journals such as Niederösterreichischen Nachrichten and Arbeiter Zeitung. In 1991, he ended up as media editor for the APA, a position replaced four years later by one for the Standard. Once there he built up the online service Etat in 1999, which he has continued to conduct ever since. As connoisseur of the Austrian media jungle, Fidler released his book, Sendepause. Medien und Medienpolitik in Österreich (Intermission. Media and Media Politics in Austria) in the same year. Additionally, his contributions have appeared in papers such as the Financial Times Deutschland and the Falter as well as in industry journals such as Der Österreichische Journalist. In 2008, Fidler published his encyclopedia, Österreichs Medienwelt von A bis Z (Austria`s World of Media from A to Z), which illuminates the background to Austria`s highly concentrated media industry. The most recent book by Fidler was published in September of that year. In the book titled Österreichs manischer Medienmacher (Austria`s manic media maker) he portrays Wolfgang Fellner, who is the founder and editor of the Austrian tabloid Österreich. Here you can see the offical website of the book:

Thursday, 22 Oct

Media and Journalism: Crisis or Boom?

20:00 - 22:30

Dom Im Berg

Harald Fidler (at)

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