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LADY LYNCH is everything and collective. From Girls Rock Camp to Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label, to Crystal Soda Cream, to the fine arts. Back until someday in the early 80s, to Lydia Koch aka Lunch and David Lynch, to the bollocksed Bowery area, to Blixa’s, Gudrun’s and Nick’s grey and druggy Berlin during the time of the wall and to the rural hypocrisy in the northwestern U.S. or elsewhere.

So why something new, when the old was viable? Expand the idea of the band. Withdraw the voice’s primacy, use it rather as an instrument than as a text generator. Challenge everything that the system does (not) achieve (Ranciere / Cymbals). LADY LYNCH is a Louise Bourgeois-kraken, acting with one arm here, there with the other (Actors and Networks). Punk and riot grrrl shape the tool of self-empowerment – to display the process of musical creation along with all formation processes related.

- Christina "Chra" Nemec (transl.)

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