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Film: Trust Machine - The Story of Blockchain

USA, 2018, 86 min, English, Directed by: Alex Winter

Hacktivist and Blockchain expert Lauri Love fights extradition in Trust Machine. His computer skills are a threat to the U.S. government. Tech innovators strike a raw nerve as banks and network pundits rush to condemn volatile cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology. Why are banks terrified while Unicef embraces it to help refugee children? Award-winning filmmaker Alex Winter shows that proponents of Blockchain are already using the technology to change the world; fighting income inequality, the refugee crisis and world hunger.

“It (Blockchain) gives you an actual power to affect change in the world. And it´s gonna scare the shit out of some very powerful people.” - Lauri Love (Hacktivist)

“It is true that these technologies do represent a threat to them. If they have done their research, then they will pretty quickly figure out that these are probably going to disrupt their business models.” - Laura Shin (Journalist)

“What we´re trying to do is simple. We´re trying to stop the abuse of power.” - Vinay Gupta (Mattereum)

Trust Machine is narrated by Rosario Dawson and features Lauri Love, Vinay Gupta, Laura Shin, John Gilmore, Imogen Heap, Joseph Lubin, Tor Ekeland, Gramatik, Matthew Green, Naomi Colvin, and many more.

Co-presented by Crossroads - Festival for Documentary Film and Discourse

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