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Saturday, 02 Mar 2019

Peter Pilz is an Austrian author and politician (JETZT (previously Liste Peter Pilz) and Die Grünen). Since 8 June 2018 he has again been a member of the National Council, to which he previously belonged from 1986 to 1991 and from 1999 to November 2017. From July 2017 to August 2018 he was party chairman of Liste Pilz, since then he has acted as vice-chairman and member of the board of the party academy of his list.

From 1973 onwards he studied economics and political science at the University of Vienna, graduating in 1979 with a doctorate in economics from the University of Vienna. He then worked as a journalist and freelance social scientist. During his student days, Peter Pilz was a member of the Trotskyist group 'Revolutionary Marxists' and a founding member of the Austrian Greens. After the national elections in 1986 Pilz (with the list Freda Meissner-Blau) moved into the Austrian parliament and subsequently made a name for himself as an invstigator in the Lucona and Noricum affairs. From 1986 to 1991 he was also a member of the Austrian National Defence Council.

He was chairman of the Eurofighter Committee of Inquiry and member of numerous other committees of inquiry (currently: BVT Affair and 2nd Eurofighter Committee).

Privately Peter Pilz is musically active with his band 'Prinz Pezi und die Staatssekretäre'.

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