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ELEVATE 2022: Complete music programme online & first details on discourse

The transformation researcher & bestselling author Maja Göpel © Kai Müller

Elevate presents its complete music programme, a concert evening around the Milanese synthesizer icon Caterina Barbieri completes the line-up on Thursday at the Dom im Berg. The discourse section of the festival will present the first programme topics and speakers based on the festival theme Transition. The German transformation researcher and best-selling author Maja Göpel will give the opening speech of the festival.

For all those visitors who want to concentrate on the festival's club music programme, the Club Pass, a combined ticket for the club evenings on Friday and Saturday, is now also available on the Elevate Ticketshop.

Music programme: Concert evening with Caterina Barbieri & colourful cross-section of local music creation

The italian composer and musician Caterina Barbieri has become one of the most acclaimed modular synthesizer acts worldwide in recent years. She is considered a virtuoso in her field. Her elegant, ecstatically intense synth pieces are of universal beauty.

Timeless, mystical and trance-inducing, they open up references to sacred music, are simultaneously cosmic and intimate. Conceptually, too, they go into depth, revolving around themes such as cyberculture and posthumanism; the relationship of man to technology and his environment. With "Spirit Exit", the debut release on their newly founded label light-years, Barbieri is now also moving towards hyperpop with vocoder-tinged vocals.

Barbieri will present her new album on 14 July at an Austrian live premiere at the Dom im Berg.

A diverse cross-section of Austrian music can be experienced across all stages at the festival; the Sunday of the festival presents a colourful melange of live concerts and DJ sets during the day at the Parkhouse, which can be attended free of charge.

New confirmed acts:

Apua (AT), Attila (AT), Bill B. Wintermute (DE), Blyskawica & Gasolina (AT), Bobby Would (AT), Caterina Barbieri (IT), Delasflores (UK), DJ Durbin (DE), DJ Jackhammer (AT), DJ Void (AT), DJ Warzone (AT), /DL/MS/ (AT), Franjazzco (AT), Goldberg (AT), Grrrls DJ Crew (AT), Jillian (AT), Kessel Vale (DE), Lipelis (RU), Milès Borghese (DE), Mun Sing (UK), Stipo (AT), Sucre Sucre (DE), The Sunbathing Society (AT), Yushh (UK)

Full line-up:

/DL/MS/ (AT), AJA (IE), Alyona Alyona (UA), Anika (UK/DE), Apua (AT), Attila (AT), Bill B. Wintermute (AT), Blyskawica & Gasolina (AT), Bobby Would (AT), Caterina Barbieri (IT), Catnapp (AR), Chloé Robinson (UK), Cid Rim (AT), Crystallmess (FR), Delasflores (UK), Dillinja (UK), DJ Bus Replacement Service (UK), DJ Durbin (DE), DJ Jackhammer (AT),
DJ Stingray 313 (US), DJ Void (AT), DJ Warzone (AT), FaUSt (DE), Franjazzco (AT),
Gigi FM (FR), GLOP II (AT), Goldberg (AT), Grrrls DJ Crew (AT), Jigsaw Beggars (AT), Jillian (AT), Kessel Vale (AT), Lipelis (RU), Milès Borghese (AT), Mun Sing (UK), Palms Trax (UK/DE), Peaches (CA/DE), Schtum (AT), Skee Mask (DE), Sofia Kourtesis (PE/DE), Sowie, (AT), Stipo (AT), Sucre Sucre (DE), The Brian Jonestown Massacre (US), The Sunbathing Society (AT), Yushh (UK), Zoë Mc Pherson (FR/DE).

Discourse programme: Opening speaker, thematic focus and first speakers

The opening of the festival on Wednesday, 13 July 2022 in the Lesliehof of the Joanneum Quarter will mark the beginning of four days of discourse with discussions, lectures and film screenings in the Heimatsaal of the Volkskundemuseum.

The German bestselling author and transformation researcher Maja Göpel has been secured for the opening lecture; she will also participate in a panel on the interplay of psychology and social change on the following day of the festival.

Along the festival theme of Transition, contributions on such diverse topics as psychological resources, digital and net activism, geopolitics and economics will be discussed in relation to the necessary and possible changes as well as the structuring of the "transitions".

The new venue for the festival's discourse programme will be the Heimatsaal with its listed walls in the Volkskundemuseum at Paulustor. In addition to its central location, the Heimatsaal with its adjoining garden offers a relaxed ambience for recreation between the programme items.

As usual, the discourse events of the festival will be open to the public with free admission. In addition to the international perspective, strong local references and the opportunity to network with speakers and initiatives will be offered.

Artist Talks with two of the headliners of the music programme Peaches and Alyona Alyona will form the bridge between discourse and the artistic hemisphere of the festival.

The transformation psychologist Irina Nalis serves as guest curator and content reinforcement for the Discourse team. Based on the conviction that tolerance of ambiguity is an essential competence for shaping our time and the future, she invites partly contradictory positions on society, digital and economy.

Confirmed speakers so far:

Alyona Alyona (UA), Geraldine de Bastion (DE), Jacob Bilabel (DE), Natalie Brunner (AT), Maja Göpel (DE), Daniel Görtz / Hanzi Freinacht (SE), Max Hartmann (DE), Indy Johar (UK), Jana Lasser (AT), Daniel Lohninger (AT), Thomas Lohninger (AT), Irina Nalis (AT), Peaches (CA), Leo Rabensteiner (AT), Hosea Ratschiller (AT), Andreas Sator (AT), David Steinwendner (AT), tante (DE), Christoph Weiss (AT).

>> Link to the speaker bios <<

The full discourse and also the arts programme will be announced in the course of June.


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