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Welcome on board! This news ticker provides you with the latest news and updates on the 18th edition of Elevate.



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Sunday, 17.07.2022

12:00: The last day of the Elevate Festival has begun. In one hour the last panel on the discourse programme will start: Peaches will give us an insight into her life and art at 1pm.

11:00: Today we have one last opportunity to unpack our dancing shoes: Atropa will play the beautiful Orangerie in Burggarten from 12:00 - 22:00.

Saturday, 16.07.2022

19:00: At 8pm "Community of Grieving" – a multimedia music performance developed by the artists, composers and music producers Zosia Hołubowska and Julia Giertz starts at Orpheum Extra. Free admission! The event starts on time – no late entry!

16:00: Economy in Transition - It’s the economy! Which economy? Whether it's the construction industry or the culture sector, the food trade, or the energy market – the CO2 footprint is too large, the imaginative horizon too small.
Even in 2022, it is still standard in universities, companies or in public tenders and contracts to make business calculations without calculating social and ecological follow-up costs. The bill is presented to us by nature and shows: the future is not priced in.

A conversation with Jacob Sylvester Bilabel, Theresa Imre, David Steinwender, Elisabeth Hufnagl und Andreas Sator – 5pm at Heimatsaal.

12:00: The Discourse programme at Elevate starts today at 1pm with a presentation by Lyana Mytsko on art and therapy at the Lviv Municipal Art Center in Ukraine. Those who cannot be present in the home hall can follow this and all other contributions in the discourse programme via livestream.

Friday, 15.07.2022

20:00: The club programme at the Elevate Festival 2022 starts at 10pm in Postgarage. Tickets for a night with Alyona Alyona, Catnapp, Cid Rim and other national and international acts are still available at the box office.

17:00: A special concert evening begins at 19:30: Bobby Would opens with unpretentious rock'n'roll lullabies, then we look forward to dreamy, melodramatic indie pop songs by Anika and the legendary krautrock pioneers FaUst round off the open air concert in the Lesliehof.

15:00: At 4 pm Utrumque will present their interactive installation "work" at Forum Stadtpark - definitely worth a visit!

13:00: Day 2 of the discourse programme is just about to start: In "Digital Humanism", Hans Werthner talks about the transformation of society through digital technologies.

11:00: Day 3 has already started today with a great event: Ukrainian rapper Alyona Alyona has signed the Golden Book of the City of Graz - what an honour! The festival programme continues: At Elevate Arts you can discover electro-acoustic compositions by many great artists until 10 pm in the Mausoleum.

Thursday, 14.07.2022

20:00: Tonight at 9pm there will be a very special sound experience in the Dom im Berg. The piece "GLOP II", composed by musician and composer Gottfried Krienzer, will be performed, in which 12 percussionists will guide us through their worlds of sound. Afterwards, the American artist Carmen Villain will perform and enchant us with atmospheric sounds. Finally, "schtum" will honour the Dom im Berg with oscillating rhythms from their analogue equipment.

17:00: The show continues at 6pm in Forum Stadtpark with Utrumque, who have developed "work", a three-hour interactive installation that can be heard in the Forum Stadtpark as well as being played outside in the park via a PA - it's definitely worth a visit!

16:00: Let's go to Heimatsaal, where at 5pm there will be an artist talk with the Ukrainian rapper Alyona Alyona, who will talk with Johanna Mayr-Keber aka Joja not only about herself and her music, but also about her role in the brutal war of aggression that is shaking Ukraine.

09:00: The discourse programme at Elevate starts today in Heimatsaal of the Volkskundemuseum at 11am with a brunch - musically supported by Joja - and afterwards it continues with a lecture by Daniel Görtz aka Hanzi Freinacht on "The Listening Society". The sociologist will give an insight into metamodern and Nordic ideology to open the Transition Journey, followed by a Q&A session.

Those who cannot be present in the Heimatsaal can follow this and many other contributions in the Discourse Programme via livestream.

In addition, the installation "Digital Dictatorship" by Zara Alexandrova and Zoran Georgiev will be opened today at 11 a.m. at the Schlossberg.

Wednesday, 13.07.2022

09:00: Today is the day! The 18th edition of Elevate starts today. The celebration starts at 19:30 with Maja Göpel, Hosea Ratschiller, Milès Borgehese and Sophia Kennedy. Finally, we can all come together again to discuss, listen and discover Elevate's best curated music, art and discourse. We can't wait to finally see you all again!

11:00: Unfortunately, Caterina Barbieri had to cancel her performance due to illness. But as a replacement, we are happy to welcome Carmen Villain on Thursday 14 July at Dom im Berg.

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