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1. What is the Elevate Festival?

Elevate is an interdisciplinary festival with a strong focus on cultural and socio-political topics, which takes place once a year for 5 days in Graz.

The interdisciplinary programme offers performances, concerts, installations and DJ sets as well as workshops, film screenings, lectures and discussions.

Through the unique combination of critical-political discourse with art, advanced electronic music and audiovisual experiments, the Elevate Festival opens up a space for getting to know innovative content.

2. How can I purchase tickets for the festival?

Tickets for the Elevate Festival can be purchased online via our website. There you will find all relevant information about the available ticket types, prices and payment options.

To find out at which locations your ticket is valid, please visit our tickets page:

Please note that you can exchange your ticket for a wristband at all box offices. The box offices open at the time of admission to the respective event.

Different regulations apply to admission to the various events:

  • The discourse programme in the Heimatsaal and the opening event in the Orpheum are accessible free of charge.
  • Access to the exhibition on the ground floor of the Forum Stadtpark is also free of charge.

3. Are there discounts for students or groups?

Hunger for Art and Culture Pass holders can obtain a free ticket for the event on presentation of their valid pass at the box office. Only while stocks last!

4. What kind of events does the festival include?

The Elevate Festival offers a diverse range of events, including lectures, workshops, concerts, exhibitions and much more. The exact list of events can be found in the festival programme on our website.

5. Is there barrier-free access to the venues?

The Elevate Festival endeavours to provide barrier-free access to its venues. Please contact the festival team in advance to discuss any special requirements.

6. Will pictures or videos be taken at the festival?

Every visitor agrees to the use of image material that is recorded as photos or films or similar media during the event for the promotion of future events. In the case of television and/or streaming broadcasts and the production of photos, video and sound recordings by the organiser or persons commissioned by the organiser, the visitor gives his/her express consent to the broadcasting television station and the organiser that the recordings made by him/her during or in connection with the event may be used without compensation and without time or space restrictions by means of any current or future technical process.

As a potential data subject of a photo, you have the right to object in advance or retrospectively. This means that images published by Elevate must be deleted immediately after such an objection by means of the notice and take-down procedure. To do so, please contact the following e-mail address:

7. Is there an age limit for admission to the festival?

Admission to the festival is subject to various age restrictions:

  • Dom im Berg and Tunnel: Admission is only permitted from the age of 18.
  • Orpheum, installations in the Forum Stadtpark, discourse programme in the Heimatsaal and Schlossberglift: These areas are accessible to all age groups.
  • Aiola Schlossberg, Komb├╝se and Parkhouse: Age restrictions apply here from 18 years.

Please note the Styrian Youth Act:

8. Are there accommodation options near the festival?

You can find our partner hotels here:

9. Awareness

We want to create a safe and accessible space for everyone, where everyone's dignity is recognised and individual boundaries and needs are respected.

Everyone should feel accepted and comfortable regardless of gender, sexuality, skin colour, religion or ethnicity. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, ableism or ageism. We have zero tolerance for any form of harassment, boundary crossing or discriminatory behaviour.

We will act consistently if someone violates these principles. Any violation of these rules may result in immediate removal from the festival. Our zero tolerance policy towards any form of discrimination and harassment will be consistently enforced to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all.