// Independent People / Independent Movements

Independence and independent organisations are the main topic of the first elevate-Schlossbergfestival 2005. NGOs, independent journalists, free radio stations, independent authors, independent music labels, independent film productions, the free software movement, alternative licensing-models (copyleft, creative commons), cultural organisations and associations and of course political-independency-groups are just a few examples of organisations, which will be featured at the elevate-festival.

The organisation-team of the elevate-festival doesn't want to dictate any specific topics in the certain areas like „journalism / free radio stations / independent media“ or „open source / information technology“. In close collaboration with our local and international guests and partners a festival schedule will be created, which fits the needs of each area. Furthermore the local organisations like a free radio station (www.helsinki.at), a free internet provider, which features mostly open source software (www.mur.at),  are integrated in the process of the development of the contents of the festival.

The way of dealing with the topics is also being worked out in close collaboration with the local organisations noted above. If it's either workshops, small discussion groups, having a nice meal on the terrace on the hill or presentations on a certain topic – whatever fits best for the certain area - the organisation-team of the festival sees itself as an enabler and provider of an interface between all the organisations and persons involved. On all three days of the festival we additionally want to host podium-discussions with all the international guests involved and with a potential audience of up to 300 people or more. The venue for the bigger podium-discussions will be the extraordinary „Dom im Berg“, a huge cave-style hall inside of the hill in the center of Graz.