// Media & Journalism & Demokratie - Fr.26.October.2007

Danny Schechter
Ian Inaba

Today’s media system is not a top-down environment, but a “web 2.0” world where each of us can create the content and tell our own story. The key to cultivating this space, is to take our digital destiny into our own hands, by working together in communities across countries to help build a digital media system where democracy, fairness, creative opportunity and social justice are key measures for success.

Increasingly, the media's failure to provide diverse viewpoints and unbiased information is undermining the strength of our democracy.

Watchdogs vs. embedded journalism; buying airtime vs. free reporting; public broadcasting and free media; internet and technology; new forms of journalistic practise, webcasts and alternative networks.

Just a few keywords out of a broad spectrum of topics to be adressed at the Elevate festival. Here's an overview of the schedule:


// Freitag 26.10.2007


@ Dom im Berg

13:00 - 13:15 - Opening Statement (Elevate Team)

13:15 - 14:30 - Independent Media Strategies – Ian Inaba & Danny Schechter (USA)
Ian Inaba und Danny Schechter talk with Daniel Erlacher about strategies for independent media - guerrillanews.com meets globalvision.org.

15:00 - 17:00 - Bloody Cartoons (DK/2007)Why Democracy?
filmscreening with a q&a follow-up with director Karsten Kjaer (DK)

18:00 - 20:00 - „media & democracy“ - podium discussion
with Ian Inaba (USA), Danny Schechter (USA), Karsten Kjaer (DK), Dr.in Rubina Möhring (A) and Frido Hütter (A) 

Hosted by Herwig G. Höller (Falter) and Daniel Erlacher (Elevate)


@ Grüne Akademie

20:00 (open end) - Open Space - Independent Media Talk
Discussions, personal talk with the guests of the festival. Get connected and join the think tank! additional guests: Mag.a Barbara Eppensteiner, Stv. GF Okto.tv, and many others.


*ALL events will be FREE OF CHARGE!