Citizens aka c-me started DJing and promoting parties in the mid-90s. He has collaborated with various Swiss crews (i.e. Copains sauvages) in order to combine both the in - and outdoor party scenes of various musical styles. His musical journey as a DJ started with Hip-Hop and Funk and continues on with Drum'n'Bass/Breakbeats and a short trip to UK Garage. In the meantime, he has arrived in the realm of Deep & Soulful House, although still briefly venturing out into Minimal and Disco. He has been working with Hedonismus Hacienda in Graz for the last two years, in an effort to promote international acts in Graz.


Label: Hedonismus Hacienda Origin: at


Tourstop Graz

Friday, 30 Sep - 04:30

Elevate Boat Party