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Balance of Elevate Festivals 2011

Thursday,27 Oct 11

On Tuesday the Elevate Festival celebrated its closing night successfully at the Forum Stadtpark – after five days of discussions, lectures, workshops and documentary films and five nights of live-acts and concerts in venues inside and near the Schlossberg in Graz. Under the motto „Elevate the... more >>


Review : Day Six – Elevate Closing Night

Wednesday,26 Oct 11

This year’s discourse-program was concluded by a workshop focusing on the topic „permaculture“. During the past 6 days, the festival offered visitors both new ideas and information through its national and international guests; as well as it encouraged people to get actively involved in shaping... more >>


Day Five: Review – Media and Communication

Tuesday,25 Oct 11

The internet is an essential part of the 21st century’s development. It enables us to access information, to communicate over long distances and keeps human beings flexible and available at any time. However, we are always being observed when we are online. Anonymity gets lost – information that... more >>