Music & Arts

Over the years, Elevate has developed a reputation for offering a diverse array of musical genres. This diversity gives the whole festival an aura which is significant for its uniqueness. The common ground that all these different acts share is their fundamentally unconventional approach to music, therefore attracting a largely open-minded audience generally eager to broaden their horizons. Very rarely can one experience such a display of mutual respect between audience and performer which adds to the particularly intimate atmosphere. The artist roster is carefully chosen with the idea of innovation always kept in mind.

Each year many musicians, visual artists and producers are mostly happy to share their experience with interested audiences at various workshops during the festival. For the second consecutive year, the festival will focus on destabilising the boundaries between music and literature bringing together musicians and various authors working together in unique selected performances.
2011 will also see a deeper co-operation with the webzine Resident Advisor, concentrating on further developing the Elevate Music Talks with the goal of intensifying the connection between the music and the discourse programme.

During the entire festival, the caverns of the Schlossberg will be bathed in fluorescent light- visual experiments and installations will highlight the venue's unique interior.


Thinking about the future.
The Elevate Festival 2011, Music & Arts – presented by Raiffeisen

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