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Friday,16 Sep 11 05:00

The Elevate Festival 2011, Music & Arts – presented by Raiffeisen

Comprising an extraordinary combination of electronic music, arts and political discourse the Graz Elevate Festival in 2011 will entice thousands of visitors to come to the performances in and around the Schlossberg. Sponsorship and public funding enables Elevate to offer the music and art sessions low priced and sometimes even free to the public.

The music programme in the evening presents young artists to a wider audience and also promotes pioneers far from mainstream. Many parts of this cultural programme can be offered low priced or even for free to the visitors of the festival.

Raiffeisen has agreed to support Elevate 2011 as a presenting sponsor of the artistic part of the festival. The support of arts and culture as well as the engagement for our society are central concerns for the company. Sponsoring a variety of cultural events on a regional and local basis, Raiffeisen helps to make visions become reality. Moreover, they support many young talents. Project realisation and success do not only depend on ideas and imagination but even more on the financial means they need and cooperation with innovative supporters.

The Elevate Team also appreciates such cooperation. The support shows not only the great success of the festival’s intention, but also the importance of promoting innovative artists and their work.

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