Review : Day Six – Elevate Closing Night

Wednesday,26 Oct 11 21:32
Festival finish at the Elevate Closing Night

Festival finish at the Elevate Closing Night

This year’s discourse-program was concluded by a workshop focusing on the topic „permaculture“. During the past 6 days, the festival offered visitors both new ideas and information through its national and international guests; as well as it encouraged people to get actively involved in shaping their future.

Later in the evening, visitors filled the three floors of the Forum Stadtpark. The live-screening of the Big Brother-Awards was followed by of the Elevate Closing Night’s music-program. This year the night was staged  in cooperation with Forum Stadtpark and Tripledecker Fest.

The first performances already attracted a huge crowd. The voice of Nada aiko welcomed the guests on the ground floor, cheever played his DJ set in the cellar. The road of enthusiasm - a theatre-performance by the zweite liga für kunst und kultur – was performed in the saloon at midnight.

The partner-restaurant of the festival, Ginko, catered for the guests and surprised them by serving vegan fast-food like seitan-burgers.

The crowd, who filled the auditorium until the early morning, clearly seemed to enjoy themselves at the last festival evening. Following the smooth and thoughtful sounds of Nite Jewel and Solar Bears, Favela Gold’s beats had the dancers move on the floors. Meanwhile, Zanshin, Maria Minerva and Fantastic Mr. Fox shook the Forum-cellar walls with their performance. Finally, at 6am, the tireless continued at the Parkhouse with Bernstein and Fontarrien.