DJ Glow
DJ Glow

Hooked on the sound of early Detroit and Sheffield Techno, DJ Glow played his first nights in Viennese clubs back in 1991 and by January 1992 had started his own series of raves in Vienna's infamous ex-squat, the Arena. He was a resident or regular at many of the clubs that defined the raw underground Sound of Vienna during the early 90s. By 1994 he had started Red Tide Records together with DJ LX as a reaction to a rapidly commercializing and diverging techno scene. Red Tide published music by Lenny Dee, Christopher Just, Pulsinger & Tunakan and Kyoka. Between 94 and 97 he held a residency at Vienna's first weekly Techno night, the Space Jungle, founded by Clemens Neufeld and King Arthur. Turning towards more club-oriented sounds - Chicago Jacks, Acid and Detroit Electro in particular - he started his new label TRUST in 1998. Its first release - Super Earth Invasion - coincided with a resurgence of Electro and Broken Beats in Techno music and received support from people like Mad Mike, Ed DMX and DJ Rolando. After a break, labelwork was resumed in 2002 and - with the help of a roster of mainly Viennese artists like Microthol, Lok44 and Epy - TRUST has since become Vienna's main electro outlet. Despite the sometimes passionate purism of TRUST, DJ Glow is known for his eclectic mixing stye - dropping Techno and Electro, Chicago House and The Hague Acid, Baltimore Bootlegs and even the occasional Dubstep track.


Label: Trust, zero" Origin: de


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