Yukon, Fnord & Marv on Tagtool
Yukon, Fnord & Marv on Tagtool

In the sense of Common Digits, a bridge is constructed between analogue and digital terrains. With pen and game controller, a fusion of the performative and visual takes place in real-time without hitting copy/paste. Whether in a public space or on stage, the light installations of the Graz-born Tagtool activists, Yukon, Marv, and Fnord, engage in an interaction with their environment. After premieres at Elevate 08, the disko404 parties and the Four Elements Festival, the group is set to visually accentuate the opening night of this year's Elevate Festival. Pay attention, the pixels are their passion.


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Donnerstag, 20.Okt

Thursday, 20 Oct - 00:00

Dom Im Berg