Interview: Amy Goodman

Amy Goodman interviewed by Dean Puckett

by: Dean Puckett

Photos: Awards Show

Sunday, 26.10. - Dom im Berg

by: Lupi Spuma

Photos: Discourse&Activism

Sunday, 26.10. - Forum Stadtpark

by: Lia Rädler

Video: Everything is Connected

View the discussion now on vimeo!

Photos: Music&Arts

Saturday, 25.10. - Dom im Berg

by: Lupi Spuma

Photos: Music&Arts

Saturday, 25.10. - Tunnel

by: Lupi Spuma

Photos: Music&Arts

Saturday, 25.10. - Dungeon

by: Lupi Spuma

Video: Elevate Opening Show

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Photos: Music&Arts

Saturday, 25.10. - hoergeREDE, Stallbastei

by: Lupi Spuma

The 2014 Elevate Awards

David Charles writes from the Elevate awards show, revealing the winners and the reason why we all love each other.

Regina Joschika: Clean-IT

Regina Joschika, a campaigner for fair working conditions in the global computer industry, presents her work during Saturday's session on Fair & Open IT.

by: David Charles

Shoshana Zuboff: Reality is the Next Big Thing

A quick-fire summary of Shoshana Zuboff's initial statement, which kicked off Saturday afternoon's panel 'Reality is the Next Big Thing'.

by: David Charles

Potos - Music&Arts

Saturday, 25.10. - Forum Stadtpark

by: Jakob Isselstein

Research for Transition

Michel Bauwens, director of the P2P Foundation outlines an ideal structure for a commons economy. economy in Saturday's morning workshop.

by: David Charles

Photos: Music&Arts

Friday, 24.10. - Tunnel

by: Lupi Spuma

Fotos: Music&Arts

Friday, 24.10. - hoergeREDE @ Stallbastei

by: Lupi Spuma

Think Hope, Think Crisis

David Charles blogs about the events of the Elevate Festival. This is his review of Friday's workshop with John Holloway.

by: David Charles

Photos: Music&Arts

Friday, 24.10. - Dom im Berg

by: Lupi Spuma

What the Woop Woop is Creative Response?

David Charles blogs about the events of the Elevate Festival. This is his review of friday's panel discussion "Creative Response/Ability" and the film "Let...

by: David Charles

Photos: Discourse&Activism

Friday, 24.10. - Forum Stadtpark

by: Jakob Isselstein

Photos: Music&Arts

Thursday, 23.10. - Tunnel

by: lupispuma

Photos: Music&Arts

Thursday, 23.10. - Dom im Berg

by: lupispuma

Photos: Opening Show at Dom im Berg

First impressions of the Elevate Festival 2014

by: lupispuma

Hyperdub 10 - The Power of Bass

Steve Goodman, better known as Kode9, will take his second stab at curating his very own stage, as 10 years of Hyperdub cosmically align with 10 years of...

John Holloway: Elevate 2014 Opening Speech

David Charles blogs about the events of the Elevate Festival, beginning with the opening speech by John Holloway.

by: David Charles


By way of their ongoing weekly concert series and annual festival, chmafu nocords' Interpenetration showcase their picks covering the bases “music, experiments...

#10 let's go!

This year's opening night will be brought to you by VICE's music channel, Noisey.

Elevate-Interview: Micah Lee

Micah Lee is the chief technology officer and a board member of Freedom of the Press Foundation, and the author of Encryption Works. He will participate in the...

Jungle Not Jungle

Never before has the jungle legacy of the 90's been as prevalent as it has been in the last few years. The abundance of digital production techniques and the...

New Class of 201X

During EDM's ascension to what is essentially the new arena rock, a generation of musicians in the United States committed themselves to the restoration of the...

Elevate-Interview: Bill McKibben - Winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize 2014

Bill McKibben is one of the world's leading environmental writers and climate activists. He was recently awarded this year's Alternative Nobel Prize and...


One might find it hard to imagine, but there is a type of electronic music out there that is ubiquitous but simultaneously refuses to pigeon-holed. This might...

Manifest-Action Brazil On Tour / Graz

23 - 27 Oct 2014 in Association with Elevate Festival: Exhibition & Film Screenings about Brazils long faced struggle to protect human rights, from colonial...

by: Marc

Documentary Films & Workshops

At this years Elevate Festival there is, in addition to a rich discourse and music programme, the opportunity to participate in various workshops and film...

by: Marc


A record label on a mission. A record label that has won the affection of many a music lover through its relentlessly radical approach to music, artwork,...

by: Patrick Wurzwallner

Day 3 – Community & DIY

On the last day of the festival (SUN, Oct. 26th), we will focus on practical aspects and give participants the opportunity to get up close and personal and...

by: Marc

Day 2 - Transformations

On the second day of the festival (SA, Oct. 25th), Elevate will search for places where social transformation is happening today and for ideas on how new...

by: Marc

Day 1 – Commons, Art & Activism

The first day of the festival (FR, Oct. 24th) is dedicated to retrospection and future perspectives. Under the title "Commons, Art & Activism" we will...

by: Marc

Elevate Awards 2014

For the third time, the Elevate Festival recognizes the people, initiatives and projects that contribute positively, sustainably and innovatively to society....

by: Marc

Full programme online!

Danceable club music, experimental sound art and world improvement - since 2005 the city of Graz is home to a festival that is one of a kind within Europe.

Elevate plays Transart III

Saturday, 13th of September @ 22:00 Officine FS (Via Macello 24, 39100 Bolzano)

New wave of acts

In no more than 9 weeks, Elevate Festival will return for its 10th anniversary. With the full lineup to be released in early September, here’s a preview of the...

Elevate Festival 2014

10 years disco and discourse in Graz - The Elevate Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Elevate Open Everything? - David Charles' book about the 2013 festival

Author and blogger David Charles has compiled his liveblogging about the Elevate Festival 2013 into a book. Elevate is proud to announce its first book...

Elevate Festival Audio Recording

Ist eine offene Gesellschaft eine freie Gesellschaft?

by: Karin Schuster

Sunday, 27.10. - Dom im Berg

Photos - Elevate Award Show

by: LupiSpuma

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