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When most of her contemporaries were busy doing homework, Viennese-born Antonia already developed an interest in club culture. At 17, she finally acquired her first turntables and pretty soon she was making her eclectic DJ sets available in Vienna's clubs. She is now 20 and known for her chilling approach to bass music that she garnishes with a distinctly feminine touch. Variation is paramount to her, which is apparent when listening to her sets that venture from grime to footwork to Jersey club. As a resident of Vienna's Canyoudigit and the In Dada Social collective that she helped found, she is making it very clear that she has a firm grasp on her craft and is quick to fill the dance floor at any club she happens to be at.


Samstag, 22 Okt

22:00 - 23:30


Antonia (at)
In Dada Social

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