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From online music boutiques to a record label: It all started when Florian Stöffelbauer aka Heap founded Discus Throwers – a concept store specialized in vinyl and tapes from the vast areas of house, techno, synth pop and krautrock. He simultaneously birthed the Basic Rhythm series, effectively becoming a promoter. Recent history saw him link up with his partner in crime from Ascending Waves, Simon Heidemann, christening the Neubau label. Driven by the congenial motto “Brutalism in music”, Neubau revolves around the pillars of industrial, wave, acid, techno, EBM and krautrock and has constructed a sonic landscape that struck roots with the label's very first release; B-Ware by the Berlin-based producer duo Aufgang B.


Freitag, 21 Okt

23:00 - 00:30


Heap (at)
Discus Throwers

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