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Elevate Open Everything? - David Charles' book about the 2013 festival

Author and blogger David Charles has compiled his liveblogging about the Elevate Festival 2013 into a book. Elevate is proud to announce its first book release! The book has a Creative Commons license and can be downloaded or bought in print form.

Get your copy today

It’s really important to me that you have my book. I worked so hard on it and am so proud of it, that I want you to have it, no matter what. Pay what you want, but even if you have no money, please take a copy today.

HTML file (pay what you like): Gumroad
EPUB file (pay what you like): Gumroad
Paperback (£4, plus P&P):

When you’ve finished reading, please do leave a review either in the comments below, or on Goodreads. You are the reason why I do this and it’s always nice to hear what you think.

Happy reading!

About the author:

Dedicated to all those storming the barricades
and pulling down the blinds.

Note: This book is not currently tracking your location
or monitoring your telephone calls.

Our lives have never been so open. Computers and the Internet have facilitated an unprecedented flow of information, knowledge and communication throughout our increasingly networked global village. But there is a dark side to this openness: governments today place their entire populations under surveillance, while monopolistic corporations sell intimate details of our lives to advertisers for profit. Elevate 2013, with the theme “Open Everything?”, sought answers to the overwhelming question of the Internet age: Can we harness the power of openness for democracy, without slipping into an Orwellian nightmare?

David Charles


This book is released under the Creative
Commons CC-BY-SA license.
You are free to
share, modify and make commercial use of the
work, as long as you give due attribution and
that you share your changes under a similar
license. David Charles retains the moral rights
to this book.
ISBN: 978-1-291-63918-6

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