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By way of their ongoing weekly concert series and annual festival, chmafu nocords' Interpenetration showcase their picks covering the bases “music, experiments and video games”.

Interpenetration can involve anything from harsh noise concerts to improvised music to even video game soundtrack parties. It has been a partner of Elevate for a number of years now, and the friendship most definitely is a fruitful one.

This year's Interpenetration stage will deal with the topic of abundance and creaminess. Take The Striggles, for example. Slighty greasy, but always on the brink of kitsch, this Bon Jovi/Bryan Adams crossover band tastes light as margarine in spite of their heavy line up. For fans of culinary opulence however, Noveller will treat many a curious ear to guitars, synths and beats that are so lush and thick that one has trouble believing that only one woman operates these elements. Rhys Chatham, the minimal rocker who has put the days of guitar orchestras behind him, will also take this evening on by himself.


The former student of Morton Subotnick and Tony Conrad is probably one of the most notable representatives of second-wave post-minimalism. A “cuisine total” which manages entirely without the use of butter. This particular style seamlessly connects with minimal music of the 60's and 70's, but distinctly sets itself apart from that era through the use of double-cream and umami ingredients. Chatham gained most of his notoriety when he blended rock music with minimalistic cookery, as well as his later improvised works for trumpet and leftovers. We're not sure if he will bring the latter with him to Elevate but what we do know is that Cascao & Lady Maru, two of the leading people in Roman punk no-wave saucery, not only hold one of the finest names in their title, but will round off this evening of excess with their poppy arty trashy fun.


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