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Dan Lodig
Dan Lodig

Vienna during the 90s was a special time and place for techno music, and it wouldn't have been the same without Daniel Lodig. As a promoter of the city's first raves, as an idiosyncratic producer, and first and foremost as a gifted DJ, he decided to play the techno game by his own rules from the outset. He co-founded Pomelo, the freestyling techno imprint that's running strong to this day, released memorable records, such as his highly regarded album 'Che Si', which championed a lo-fi minimal sound via New York's Tension imprint back in 1995, and brought the sound of Viennese techno to the era's defining club, such as Tresor, Limelight, and Nitsa. He has recently returned to Vienna after living in Barcelona, Jakarta, and Mallorca for the past decade, bringing back his electro alias Lok44 for a fresh release on TRUST ('Bous'), and founding the techno outfit /DL/MS/ together with Martin Dibek of Phlox and Group Niob fame. Following the project's two singles on Pomelo in 2017, EPs on TRUST and Yoshi are slated for release in early 2017.


Samstag, 04 Mär

04:00 - 07:00

Dom Im Berg

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