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Mittwoch, 01. März

Dom Im Berg - presented by Noisey
We are Europe and Sónar present

22:00 - 05:00

KNOWER live (us)

Alba G. Corral (es) visuals Zanshin live (Affine Records, disko404/at)

Sixtus Preiss & Band live (Affine Records/at)

D.J. Detweiler (Chinstroke Records/es)

Alllone (noise collage/at)

Donnerstag, 02. März

Forum Stadtpark Keller - Dunkelkammer Spezial

21:00 - 01:00

SUPERANDOME (Natascha Gangl & Rdeča Raketa/at) presented by hoergeREDE

Kutin/Kindlinger live (at)

Susanna Gartmayer live (at)


21:30 - 06:00

Hedonismus Hacienda (Epikur, Goldberg, Citizens/at)

Rollo Royce (IILW.Kollektiv/at)

Freitag, 03. März

Dom Im Berg - Radio FM4 Stage

21:00 - 07:00

Jon Hopkins DJ Set (Domino/uk)

Tropic Of Cancer live (Blackest Ever Black, Downwards/us)

Jenny Hval live (Sacred Bones/no) We Are Europe by Insomnia

Eclair Fifi (LuckyMe/uk)

ZSAMM live (Rock Is Hell/at)

Slack Hippy (FM4 La Boum De Luxe/uk)

Inou Ki Endo (Struma + Iodine/at)

Tunnel - presented by Absolut Makava

22:00 - 07:00

A Made Up Sound live (Delsin, Clone/nl)

Shackleton live (Woe To The Sceptic Heart/uk)

Ancient Methods (Metaphysik, Hands Productions/de)

Jung An Tagen live (Editions Mego/at)

Rer Repeter (ROHS!, pdxindub/at)

Parkhouse - afterhour

06:00 - 12:00

SEDVS (Bare Hands/at)

ZØTSCH (Kopf bei Fuss/at)

Samstag, 04. März

Dom Im Berg - Red Bull Music Academy Stage

22:00 - 07:00

Juan Atkins (Tresor, Metroplex/us)

Paranoid London live (uk) We Are Europe by Insomnia

Pulsinger & Irl live (BigBeak Recordings/at)

Clara Moto (Infiné/at)

Dan Lodig (Pomelo/at)

Tunnel - presented by Absolut Makava
Different Circles Night - curated by Mumdance & Logos

22:00 - 07:00

Mumdance (Different Circles, Rinse FM/uk)

Logos (Different Circles, Keysound/uk)

Loxy (Metalheadz, Cylon/uk)

FIS live (Subtext, Tri Angle/nz)

Conor Thomas (Reel Torque/uk)

India Jordan (Radar Radio/uk)

Dungeon - hosted by The Quietus

22:00 - 05:00

Lorenzo Senni live (Warp Records/it)

Lolina live (Hyperdub, All Bone/uk)

SØS Gunver Ryberg live (Contort/dk)

TCF live (Ekster/no) We Are Europe by Insomnia

Opcion live (God Records/at)


Ginko Greenhouse - Music Brunch

14:00 - 22:00

Franjazzco (Footwork Frenzy, disko404/at)

Memet Acuma (Cliché 81/at)

SRGJ (Maesonic/at)

Parkhouse - afterhour

06:00 - 12:00

Markus Sommer (Pager Records/de)

Juju Love Records (Jillian, Apua, Hubi/at)

Sonntag, 05. März

Orpheum Extra - presented by Kleine Zeitung

20:00 - 00:00

Stephen O'Malley live (iDEAL Recordings/us)

Hungtai / Maranha / Ferrandini live (Grain Of Sound/pt)

Radian live (Thrill Jockey/at)

Ginko Greenhouse - Music Brunch

14:00 - 19:30

Oberön (Fruhstuck, Oberkuul/hr)

Other Worlds (disko404/at)

Attila (Atropa/at)

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