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Multi-disciplinary working artist from Graz, Austria. Active in the areas of sound, vision, space and in the fields between. Started 1995 as a DJ, composer and performer of dark, atmospheric and experimental electronic music under various monikers. 1997 first vinyl release “Farkhülse Fist” under the pseudonym AB-HINC on Widerstand Records. Since 2011 contributions to various remix releases under the moniker OPCION. Appearances at selected festivals and events, such as Ars Electronica, Elevate, Interpenetration, SAKRA!, Steirischer Herbst and KLUB MOOZAK. 2015 release of the 12″ album “OPCION – MONOS/UИD” on GOD Records. Coming from the sound-aesthetics of genres like “dark ambient dub” and “noise” in his current live sets OPCION is building intense audiovisual spaces of perception.

SCHEIN – A cinematic composition in the interplay between real space and atmosphere.

SCHEIN is a performative, expansive AV Installation in which the uncommon use of stylistic and technical elements of the classical club-setting (haze, projections, PA-system, etc.) interferes in one´s perception of space. The emerging intense impressions range from unfamiliar aesthetic shifts of the traditional club environment to a complete dissolution of the sense of space. The use of expansive projections span new types of virtual and immersive spatial structures, which are ephemeral and fragile – existing solely for the period of the performance and becoming accessible only through the attention and openness of the audience.

OPCION "SCHEIN", Spatial AV Installation from Nikolaos Zachariadis on Vimeo.


Samstag, 04 Mär

23:30 - 00:00 - live


Opcion (at)
God Records

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