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Slack Hippy
Slack Hippy

Slack Hippy, is DJ resident from FM4s Friday Night Electronic Music show La Boum De Luxe, representing his monthly radio show „ The Dogs Bollocks „ which concentrates on Left Field Dance Music no matter what genre . Originally hailing from Cornwall, England,he has been Djing since 26 years and living for over 25 years in Vienna, Austria. In this time Slack Hippy has toured all over Austria many times, visited and played out many European Cities and Is always up for a good party . His DJ roots come from the early UK Rave scene and this is still notable in his modern day DJ sets . A dedicated collector and player of Vinyl this is still his favourite medium and his DJ sets are as eclectic as his record collection . Coming himself from the dancefloor, he always has his ears & eyes open for the dancefloor, the people and the vibe . Slack Hippy`s Motto : No Bass, No Fun


Freitag, 03 Mär

04:00 - 07:00

Dom Im Berg

Slack Hippy (uk)
FM4 La Boum De Luxe

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