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ZSAMM (c) alex krischner

Slovenian electronic musician and vocalist Maja Osojnik and Austrian drummer Patrick Wurzwallner, aka ZSAMM perform Let Them Grow (named after her recent solo-album), a performance, that has a quite temperament and temperature. Osojnik / Wurzwallner enters darker and more violent realms at times sounding like a grunting and howling wolf pack, like fluttering bats in the dark, like a squealing sawmill or like a kind of distorted version of The Doors’ Break On Through (to the other side) finally ending in a vocal Reiβwolf. In a highly energetic set she navigates through electronic fields, radically morphing her often lo-fi electronic sounds to even the amorphous. Osojnik does not hide in violent electronics. Rather the ferocious electronics trigger the expressiveness of her angry voice. She acts as a nimble master/mistress of the switching button board, the mike and the voice in her hands. It reveales as a powerful as well as enigmatic performance that arouses curiosity. (written by Henning Bolte for Londonjazznews)


Freitag, 03 Mär

22:00 - 22:45 - live

Dom Im Berg

ZSAMM (at)
Rock Is Hell

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