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Hedonismus Hacienda
Hedonismus Hacienda

The Hedonismus Hacienda is a collective of music lovers and vinyl enthusiasts who found their way into the basements and ear channels of the local scene in Austria. Graz has become the home for the members Citizens (CH), Epikur (AT) and Goldberg (D) who combine different musical foundations and styles to an always-surprising spectrum of sounds. In the last five years they became renown for their extensive DJ journeys, which seemingly last forever. From Techno to House and Disco explosions their sets become an ecstatic celebration of music and hedonism. The Hacienda is everywhere, at free parties under the night sky, in smoky underground clubs with a small bunch of attendants or at art galleries and record stores just to play some undanceable records. Always inspired by the words of Innercity's Shanna Jackson: „We don't really need a crowd to have a party, just a funky beat and you to get it started.“


Donnerstag, 02 Mär

21:00 - 02:00


Hedonismus Hacienda (at)
Epikur, Goldberg, Citizens

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