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Breaking out from New Zealand’s soundsystem scene with EPs on Samurai Horo and Tri Angle which established him as a producer with a unique vision, FIS follows up last year’s “The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now” LP on London’s Loopy with an LP “From Patterns to Details” on Subtext, taking his organic textures and engulfing drone washes to a whole new level.
Inspired by his work as a permaculture designer FIS takes “a self-occurring pattern like the veins of a leaf, contour lines, or the spirals of water” and “draws from the sense of a deeper underlying order.”
It sees continuity between environment and individual, continuity between external bodies and the internal emotional landscapes that music can communicate beyond the affordances of language. The album embraces technology as something that is not in conflict with the organic processes of nature. Technology is treated as life in a different state. Human beings are gardens in a different state; all temporary forms of the same thing. From Patterns to Details imagines states of alignment with all, and harmonious design, a complete integration between personal and external systems whether organic or technological.


Samstag, 04 Mär

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FIS (nz)
Tri Angle

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