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VARIATIONS ON BULLETPROOF GLASS / DECOMPOSITION IV Central to the piece is a bulletproof glass pane measuring 3m x 2m, of a weight of 400kg, which has undergone extreme physical forces, the impacts of which created cracks, cuts, and most importantly : sounds. Our aim was to conserve each step of the breaking down of the glass (deconstruction), and to reconstruct the same process acoustically. As an object, the glass pane represents the omnipresent displays of our time. It is a metaphor for a society intrinsically linked to the screen. A hundred years ago in the world of theatre they recognised the “fourth wall”, the space separating the stage actors with the audience, and they deliberated whether to thematise or neglect this distance of removal. Today, society is once again removed through its interaction with this new wall , the display screen. Having gone one step further, we live now through abstraction, to the point where our understanding of existence is becoming nothing more than an idealized version of reality related to us through displays and screens, our only link to the outside world. A fifth wall has risen, and can no longer be ignored.


Donnerstag, 02 Mär

22:30 - 23:15 - live

Forum Stadtpark Keller

Kutin/Kindlinger (at)

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