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SØS Gunver Ryberg
SØS Gunver Ryberg

A modern composer and sound artist, Danish SØS Gunver Ryberg is one of a kind, delivering astonishing sonic whirlwinds. In Berlin she has performed at the Atonal Festival, Boiler Room and Tresor club. She performs in a variety of unconventional spaces and exhibits sound installations, and has been invited to cities including Rio de Janerio, New York, Skt. Petersburg, Istanbul etc. She has proved to be an artist capable of flipping between deep dives into sound art and industrial rhythms and techno.
SØS Gunver Ryberg's characteristic style is recognized for challenging your state of consciousness by transformative music experiences with insistent rhythms, combined with a meticulous exploration of textures and timbres. Raw sounds created from synthesis and processed field recordings are framed by symphonic forms and create a unique expressivity.
She was been awarded several times for her music and constant seek to mix new forms of expression and new media. Her work is often site specific and explores the relation to the actual performed acoustics of the space, including compositions for The Royal Library 12 channel speaker system in Copenhagen, and quadrofonic concert in the Wintergarden at Glytoteket in Copenhagen.
She has a rich and long performance and production history: modern compositions, multichannel recordings, installation and exhibition works, dance/performance art, commissioned productions, video games, audio walks and, of course, live music performances.


Samstag, 04 Mär

02:00 - 03:00 - live


SØS Gunver Ryberg (dk)

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