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Whether Alina Astrova is part of a long and select tradition of elusive artists or merely an exponent of the internet where aliases are easily discarded, is still to be decided. No matter the alias - Hype Williams (with Dean Blunt), Inga Copeland, copeland, or more recently Lolina, her productions have developed a distinct aesthetic: difficult, dissonant elements serve as catalysts for compositions that reluctantly (d)evolve in melody and, occasionally, sultry vocals and even dancehall piano. It’s avantgarde but without the elitist factor. Her music falls strictly in between genres but also outside the industry - both Lolina materials to date have been self-released. She has followed up the discordant yet seductive EP, RELAXIN’ with Lolina, with a disconcerting collection of tracks entitled Live in Paris. The latter was first released as a video recording of a live performance featuring Monopoly-inspired visuals which, paired with some of her lyrics, could almost be construed as a critique of capitalism. Almost. Consume with caution.

Lolina - Live in Paris from Lolina on Vimeo.


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Lolina (uk)
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