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Algorithms City Walk & Installation Openings
Algorithms City Walk & Installation Openings

Public space is intrinsically linked to the parameters of each particular culture and society and its historical changes. With worldwide migration, social conflicts, and global economic and financial interests or the emancipation from authoritarian structures, public space has been facing massive challenges over the last decades.

Under the pretext of public security, the ideas and concepts dealing with public space are increasingly informed by surveillance and control, mostly involving sophisticated algorithms fed by massive amounts of data. It's very difficult to get a grip on the way algorithms in that context work. Even if corporations or governments would share their code, those lines of code only make sense to those with the specialist skills to understand how they work.

But can we find something out about algorithms in public space by simply walking in the city? Join moderator and host eSeL and members of the Elevate team to find out! And discover some fascinating art installations on the go!

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Saturday, 04 Mar

15:30 - 19:00

Forum Stadtpark ErdgeschoƟ

Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz

Performance Language of the event: en-de


eSeL (at)

Free entry


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