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Bocksrucker (at)

Freitag, 02 Mär 2018

06:00 - 09:00 Parkhouse

Viennese artist Florian Bocksrucker crafts low swung, moody club tools for local imprints Neubau and Bare Hands. Manoeuvring around the 100bpm zone with dread filled, murky soundscapes that are as evocative of Meat Beat Manifesto as they are Die Form. With a penchant for ambiguous, sampled vocal narratives and dynamic sound design Bocksrucker’s compositions embrace the darker side of contemporary dance music with a strong DIY aesthetic to boot. His mixes and involvement with the Hertz + Phon crew display a passion for all kinds of alien, synth heavy music from the past and present, encompassing wave, dub and percussion leaning cosmic styles.

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